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Heart Centred Healing

Learn Heart centred Healing for the working therapist

One day workshop

10am to 4pm

Are you working within the field complementary or beauty therapy?

Do you find yourself feeling depleted of energy at the end of your working day?

Would you like to learn techniques which will enhance your own energy field while working on your clients?

Then this one day workshop is for you!

  • Learn different protection methods for the working therapist and the client

  • Learn how to create a link to the Universal energy field, and channel this energy through yourself and to your client.

  • Learn to meditate using different techniques to enhance your own wellbeing and create inner peace.

  • Understand the importance of your chakras system and how it can impact on your wellbeing

This workshop is practical and experiential. Students will work both individually and in pairs to develop skill, knowledge and confidence.

This workshop will be held on a Sunday and will start in Spring 2024, date to be confirmed.


Investment £100

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